Imagine being stuck in the middle of a traffic jam on your way to the gym, where a stationary bike awaits you. Now imagine, swerving your way right through the packed-up lanes, riding to your destination without hassle. Not only would you reach much faster, you would also cover the majority of your cardio session and even better, earn the most valuable incentive in return – the reward of saving our planet.

This is what our future looks like. Where comfort and health coexist; where convenience and sustainability go hand-in-hand. The future is right here, changing every aspect of our living. We are now adopting stylish yet eco-friendly workwear, printing less and emailing more, and composting coffee beans after a refreshing cuppa. While easing our lives, we are also deeply driven to care for our planet.

At VOLTRIX, we take the road less travelled to embark upon a journey of innovation and address all these concerns and more for the 21st century commuter. Biking our way to work every day, we are a team of young and enthusiastic professionals energized to create a sustainable lifestyle brand out of our passion.

A relentless zeal combined with the team’s ingenious technical prowess, along with the quest to offer the finest products to discerning consumers, keep us geared up for our daring set of Mission Statements: To bring down the CO2 emissions caused by traditional modes of transportation using ICEs, by 1%; To reclaim a good deal of the billions lost due to urban congestion; To enable better utilization of resources; To ensure harmony among direction of investments, orientation of tech development and institutional change; To empower the future generations to meet their needs and aspirations.