VOLTRIX e-bikes

Experience the World with a difference.
voltrix e cycle tresor
It's not just an e-bike. It's Different.
With worlds of advanced technology and progressive design, we commit towards making your journeys comfortable, convenient, and reliable.
Power to you to choose between performance and range with user stats, bike info and diagnostic data
Slightly larger frame geometry optimised for adults and wider handlebar suited for daily use
Removable battery for convenient charging, quick release wheels and light weight for ease of portability
Mid-level performance MTB components compatible with International standards and safety mechanisms.
Featured In
"Tresor comes with a removable integrated lithium-ion battery that eliminates the need for charging stations.."
"Tresor e-cycle has been designed and developed specifically for office-commute in urban cities.."
"Voltrix will become a brand new alternative for safe, enjoyable and healthy transportation for the urban population.."
"Offers a range of 60-80 km per charge and with a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour.."
"With the average speed of urban commute ranging between at 16 and 20 km/hour, Tresor will help people reach destination faster and in a more efficient way.."
"Plans to create a manufacturing facility for electronic components. This will help enhance the e-bike segment in India.."
Customer Reviews
  • "This cycle is one of the best it has good features and good safety measures. I will suggest to buy this cycle.."
    - Mr.Hardhik
  • "The Pedal Assist makes the ride more easier and convenient, Gives an ultimate riding pleasure. At this time compared to bikes which run in petrol and other E-Bikes, it only costs Rs.3/- for 70 kms.."
    - Mr.Jeeva
  • "The pedal assist system is very good. I paid by emi and they delivered e-bike to my home next day itself. Tresor is very premium with strong build and gives a consistent range of 70km per charge.."
    - Mr.Deepak
  • "These people have nailed the design. The e-bike has removable battery which is highly helpful for me as I live in a high rise. Gives a range of about 70km on pedal assist and 55km on throttle.."
    - Mr.Vigneshwar
  • "A very fun and interesting cycle. The e-cycle is one the best and the features are very interesting. The service person was really nice, do try these awesome cycle.."
    - Mr.Chirag Nahar
  • "Since this is a electric cycle, even starters and elders who want some physical exercise can start with Tresor which provide electric assistance.."
    - Mr.Vignesh
  • "Enjoying cycling effortlessly. Purchased in Adyar. E-Cycle is a Excellent product of Voltrix .."
    - Mr.Athiaman Nallathambi