At Voltrix, we're on a mission to promote sustainable mobility through our electric bicycles, helping individuals lead healthier lifestyles while reducing their carbon footprint.

about voltrix mobility
At Voltrix Mobility, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the Indian electric cycle industry. Our journey began in Chennai in 2019, where we set out to develop the most functional and versatile electric bicycles. We put our products through rigorous testing in all conditions, ensuring that they're sustainable and meet our high standards.
We take pride in the fact that Voltrix has changed the status quo of the industry. Our focus on quality and innovation has allowed us to provide our customers with electric bicycles that are second to none. Whether you're looking for an electric cycle for fitness, leisure, or commuting, Voltrix has got you covered.
Experience the power of Voltrix's electric bicycles today and join the movement towards a sustainable future.
Trusted by 350+ Riders across India
5,00,000+ km Driven across World
60,000+ kg of CO2 saved so far
Making India Healthier and Happier
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We spend time with people so that we can see them grow and excel not only in their roles but beyond. We support each other by providing a flexible work environment and learning from each other. We wanted people who can work with the team and grow along with the team.